Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Jim Cairns Memorial Round 2 Pairings

Here are the round 2 pairings for the Jim Cairns Memorial Tournament:

Rd 2
Lorenz Paulsen (1)

Jake Van Rooy (1)
Francisco De La Parry (1)

Sid Anjilvel (1)
Curtis Paterson (1)

Arman Azroy (1)
John Lukezich (0.5)

Frank Dixon (0.5)
Edward (0)

Joshua (0.5)
Francois Chan (0)

Ian Birch (0)
Owen Murphy (0)

Roman Polywkan (0)
Noah (0)

Devin Graham-Ancsin (0)
Ted Hsu (1)


2017 Jim Cairns Memorial Round 1 Results

Here are the round 1 results for the Jim Cairns Memorial Tournament:

Rd 1
Jake Van Rooy
1 - 0
Roman Polywkan
Arman Azroy
1 - 0
Owen Murphy
Ian Birch
0 - 1
Lorenz Paulsen
1 - 0
0.5 - 0.5
John Lukezich
Sid Anjilvel
0 - 1
Curtis Paterson
0 - 1
Francois Chan
Devin Graham-Ancsin
0 - 1
Ted Hsu
Frank Dixon

Monday, September 4, 2017

Welcome Seniors to the 2017-2018 Season

Senior Kingston Chess Club 2017-18

Sept 11 Welcome back players… Open night… 

The first tournament this year is the Jim Cairns Memorial. It will 6 rounds starting on Sept 18th. Ending on Oct 30th. Time limit will be set for 90 minutes each, with 30 second increments after each move.
  • Sept 18 - Round 1
  • Sept 25 - Round 2
  • Oct 2 - Round 3
  • Oct 9 - No Chess on Thanksgiving Monday
  • Oct 16 - Round 4
  • Oct 23 - Round 5
  • Oct 30 - Round 6
The second tournament of the year will be the Presidents Challenge. It will 6 rounds starting on Nov 6th. Ending on Dec 11th. Time limit will be set for 90 minutes each, with 30 second increments after each move.
  • Nov 6 - Round 1
  • Nov 13 - Round 2
  • Nov 20 - Round 3
  • Nov 27 - Round 4
  • Dec 4 - Round 5
  • Dec 11 - Round 6

Dec 18 – Jan 1 There will be no chess for the next 3 weeks; unless we can get International Master Dave O’Donnell come for a simul on the 18th. If he does come out to play us, it will cost $5.00 per player. To confirm him coming your $5.00 must be paid by Dec 4th.

Welcome Juniors to the 2017-2018 Season

Here's a message from Harry Jordan posted on our Facebook Group:

Hello everyone:

We trust you all had a great summer, and with the summer coming to an end you’re thinking about the Kingston chess club.
As you know we have both a junior and senior chess club in Kingston. Both clubs will be starting back on September 11, 2017.
For the junior club:
We will be at the Princess Street United Church, The Chess Club, from 5:30 PM on Monday, September 11 to start registration. After that the junior club will start at 6pm. (please note we are only here at 5:30pm on the first Monday.)
The senior club will start at 7:15 PM right after the junior club. We asked that all members who are not playing in the senior tournaments be picked up by 7:15pm.
If your child will not be attending the junior chess club this year; please feel free to pass on our information on to other children, so that they may know about and have fun playing chess this year. The same goes for the senior club; please feel free to pass our information on.
Below is an overview of when we’ll be playing each tournament. As well, we have posted all the dates we will be closed, not to mention the Christmas pizza party, and pizza party at the end of the year.
The date of the chess camp will also be posted.
Some general rules.